Dinesh Shri Vishwakarma

Dinesh Shri Vishwakarma Entrepreneurial Journey

Dinesh Shri Vishwakarma Entrepreneurial Journey

Hello Friends,

My Name is Dinesh Shri Vishwakarma,

My birth palace is Saradarpura Khalsa (Nanihal) Rajasthan on 01/08/1992.

I started my schooling from 1-5th grade from Govt. School in my Village Sabania with my father (My Father is Govt Teacher).

6-8th  gradeI completed from private school in my village.

9th grade I completed from my Nanihal (private school).

10th grade I completed from Rawatsar (private school) with 57% marks (second division).

11th grade I completed from Hanumangarh Rajasthan (Govt. Sr. Sec. School) Subjects I choose : Sanskrit, Computer, Drawing.

12th grade I completed from Hanumangarh as well. (Topper in my Class and GOT record holder of highest marks in Sanskrit and Comptuter) – Participated in NCC, State Level Science Fair(I was in News Channels and on TV also., NSS, cultural activities, baseball game)

Then My real story started My Father sent me to learn Basic Computer at the age of 13(I first started to access a Computer at the age of 13). At that Computer Institute I was learning Basic Computer Like MS Word, MS Paint etc. and i usually playing a fish game.

I was very impressed by Computer that how it works.

And I was noticing that how MS wordpads different different fonts color and font styles was there.

Then I continue to lean computer.

After that i did my schooling as 9th and 10th very badly because there was no computer.

Then my Father sent me to Big City to 11th and 12th and i choose my subject as Computer.

In my 11th and 12th class i learn some advance stuff about computer related to Computer Programming.

And in my 11th and 12th class my subject was Computer, Sanskrit and Drawing.

I have also Participated in NCC.

Dinesh Shri Vishwakarma NCC

And I Participated in Science fair and i TOP that, project was of Water Harvesting System and I was in News Channels and on TV also.

Dinesh Shri Vishwakarma at Science Fair

And also participated in other cultural activities.

And my class Teacher bet with us no one cross these marks But I was TOPPER and crossed that marks in the history of that school.

And i got highest Marks in My School and my Pic was in newspaper.

Dinesh Shri Vishwakarma Topper in 12th

Then time to take admission in Govt. Engineering College Bikaner as a BCA in 2009.

In my college time I started learn Computer Programming and I was fascinated about programming.

At the same time i also joined Web Development institute and English Classes. Where I learn how to create websites and what is SEO and What is Domain Name and what is Hosting.

And I purchased my first Personal Computer and for Internet on my PC i took Nokia 3110 from my Father.

Then i touch with Orkut a social networking site and i was very impressed by oukut.

Then for my English classes i registered a Domain name and created a same website as a social networking site so old student can be connected to each other and they can chat.

And my Teacher and colleague were very happy to see this website.

Then in 2010 I registered my first domain for me ie. www.seoncms.com

And i didn’t completed my college degree.

I even failed in some exams.

And from 2010 i am running my this agency.

And one other Blog called www.GlobalsCode.com ie. worlds largest PHP code site.

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